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Dr.L.N.Sharma , Prof  & Head, Pharmacology has been appointed as Chairman of Antibiotic Management Committee and  Chairman of Drug Quality Management Committee.

Dr.L.N.Sharma , Prof  & Head, Pharmacology has participated in International Conference on Pharmacovigilance cum  CME held at New Delhi on 26 to 28 Dec. 2010.

Under Pharmacovigilance

Hyperglycaemic effect of Paracetamol (even with total 3 tablets i.e. 1500mg) has been reported (PV/JMC/1).

1.National Pharmacovigilace Program C0-Ordinator has recommended to start the “The Regional Centre “ Pharmacovigilance at Jhalawar Medical College,Jhalawar.
As soon as the Regional centre is aproved , which is likely within this year ,the college will be in the national picture of Pharmacovigilance.

2.Dr. L.N.Sharma ,Professor & Head ,Pharmacology has participated in the 6th National conference of Indian Society of Cardiology held at Ajmer, from 17 to 19 Dec. 2010
Dr. Sharma also Chair the Session on ‘Symposium on Newer Drugs’ at the same conference.

3.Dr.L.N. Sharma, Professor & Head ,Pharmacology of this college has participated in the International Conference on “Pharmacology & Translational Reaserach “ and 43rd Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS)held at Hyderabad (India ) from to 14 to 16 Dec 2010.



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